Special DMZ TOUR  

Due to African Swine Fever, all the DMZ tour has been cancelled from Oct 2. DMZ Tour Zone is officially closed by government. We don't get any notice when the DMZ will be open again.Before the DMZ is open again, we will provide alternative Course 1 first.
* If the Alternative Course 1 is not available because of local circumstance, we will provide Alternative Course 2.

- Alternative Course 1 (Nov 1 ~ ) -
Time & Price:
A) Morning Tour (08:00-14:30) 46,000 KRW p/p(minimum Pax: 1)
B) Morning+Lunch Tour (08:00-15:00) 55,000 KRW p/p(minimum Pax: 1)
C) Afternoon Tour (11:00-18:00)
55,000KRW p/p(minimum Pax: 3)

, C) Hotel - Imjingak Park (Freedom Bridge, Mangbaedan, Imjingang River Dokgae Bridge, BEAT131 bunker exhibition) - Odu Mountain Unification Observatory - Ginseng Center - The WarMemorial of Korea (Seoul) - Drop off City Hall
A + Lunch

- Alternative Course 2 ( ~ Oct 31) -
Time & Price:

Full Day NLL Tour (08:00-16:00)
65,000 KRW p/p(minimum Pax: 1)
Hotel - Ganghwa Peace Observatory - Kyodong Town - Lunch - Ginseng Center - The War Memorialof Korea (Seoul) - Drop off City Hall

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Alternative Course 1 (Nov 1 ~ )
A) B) C)
Alternative Course 2
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Alternative Course 2 (Full Day NLL Tour)
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Cautions during reservation
Please take caution to enter precise hotel(hotel name, phone number) and email information for efiicient pick ups
After having received a reservation, the pick up time will be noticed through e-mail
If you do not receive a reply mail within 3 days please send your brief information (name of travel product, address, phone number, information of companions, etc) to mail@seoulcitytour.net

Tour Condition

- All tours include transportation, guide, and admission fee.
- Child fare: 30% DC under 10 years old.
- If you cancel your reservation on the tour day, 100% cancellation charge will be applied.
- Some morning tours will be dropped off at city hall.
- City Tour does not have any responsibility for your personal incident and loss during the tours.
- Pick up time might be delayed due to traffic condition.
- Credit card is acceptable.
- While on tour if any program cancelled according to unexpected local situation, no refund will be provided.

Odu Mountain Unification Observatory
Odu Mountain Unification Observatory was established to inform the tragic reality of the divisionof the peninsula, which is the only remnant of the Cold War, and promote our wish and will forpeaceful unification which guarantees Liberal Democracy. You can peek into North Koreans’ dailylives through a telescope.

Ganghwa Peace Observatory (GPO) / NLL (Northern Limit Line)
Ganghwa Peace Observatory (GPO) was established in Cheolsan-ri, Yangsa-Myeon which is in thenorthern area of the Civilian Passage Restriction Line in 2008. This is the nearest place where you cansee the real life of local North Koreans.



R507 Hanaro Bldg. #194-4 Insa-dong Jongnogu
Seoul Korea