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Demilitarized Zone, only exist in Korea. The world 11th economy by GDP is still on ceasefire. It is not finished yet. They guard against each other on only 8 km distance. But it is the most wanted visit places of foreigners visiting Korea. How irony is that? You don’t have to worry about safety. More than one million people are visiting this place and even US president and Hollywood movie stars are visiting this place as well.
There is a tunnel to be used during the battle. Of the 4 tunnel, closest tunnel from Seoul is 3rd tunnel. It might be very thrilled experience for you. You may see the North Korea by telescope. It is about 40 minutes away from Seoul and you may reach it by public transportation (takes about 2 hours since it is isolated place). Easier way to visit this place is take daily tour to DMZ, organized by city tour agencies. You will have English tour guide explain about this place as well. They close on every Mondays. DMZ TOUR VIEW

It’s often said that the Korean Demilitarized Zone, or DMZ, is the most dangerous place on Earth. This distinction is probably technically true - the mountains and hillsides on both
sides of the 4km strip of land separating the two Koreas bristles with troops, guard posts, tanks, missile, bunkers, gun emplacements, land mines and other tools of death and destruction.
A one-hole golf course at a military base in Panmunjeom, the truce village that has come to symbolize the world’s last Cold War frontier, warns not to retrieve balls from a fairway lined
by land mines - once designated as the “world’s most dangerous golf course.”

Yet the DMZ is perhaps the supreme irony in a land of ironies. As you gaze out upon the
DMZ from Checkpoint 3 of Panmunjeoms Joint Security Area, your attention is drawn not to
the rare opportunity to peek into mysterious North Korea, the North Korean soldiers perched
on the watchtower nearby, or your chances of survival in a sudden (and highly unlikely)
re-opening of hostilities.

Instead, you’re captivated by the supreme tranquility - the quiet, the lush green hillsides, the rare birds swooping into untouched marshlands. Here, at the most militarized border on the planet, you feel completely at peace.

The DMZ stretches some 248 kilometers across the Korean Peninsula from the mouth of the Imjin River in the west to the town of Goseong in the east. The demilitarized zone itself, where human activity has been greatly limited for the last half-century, has become one of Asia’s greatest nature preserves. In the sparsely populated hinterlands just outside the zone, where it seems soldiers outnumber civilians, you can find both towering monuments to battles won and derelict ruins that stand witness to the tragedy of war.

No one can properly take in the entire DMZ area over the course of a single weekend, but if you’re in Seoul, the peace village of Panmunjeom, the touching Imjingak park and the beautiful mountains and rivers of Cheorwon offer the traveler a real glimpse of the history and culture of this most uniquely Korean tourist destination.

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